We Are All Under Attack

Arthur Hargate
3 min readOct 27, 2022
Artwork by J.E. Hargate

Finally. President Biden has finally uttered the “F” word, referring to MAGA Republicans, and it’s long overdue.

The “F” word he used was “fascist” to characterize MAGA Republican policies, strategies and tactics. He unnecessarily modified it with the prefix “semi.” If you know anything at all about world history or how fascism as a political ideology is constructed and implemented, you understand starkly there is no reason to modify the term. MAGA Republicans are fascists, pure and simple.

It appears then that Democrats are finally willing to give as well as they get. Author, speaker and LGBTQ+ advocate Stacey Stevenson got it precisely right on Jonathan Capehart’s MSNBC Sunday Show recently when she described MAGA Republican tactics, saying, “We are all under attack.”

Finally, Democrats are articulating the truth of the state of our democracy in the United States, in time for the midterm elections. We are all under attack. We are under attack by fascists.

Democrats have been out-thought, out-maneuvered and out-muscled for the last 40 years, as extreme Republicans have methodically put the pieces in place to wage culture war in our country so that fascism could get a foothold and eventually flourish.

And, consequently, now we are all under attack. We The People are under attack. The extreme Republican long term plan for authoritarian rule has worked well.

Women, people of color, indigenous people, LGBTQ+ people, poor people, older people, young people with educational debt, sick people, people who have immigrated here, progressive people, non-Christian people and freedom loving people that believe in democracy are all under attack.

People like election workers are under attack, and people that work in government at all levels. And, of course, teachers are under attack, as are our children who won’t be protected from lunatics with military grade killing machines capable of cutting bodies to pieces.

All of us who are not fascists are under attack.

Democratic institutions are under attack too. And our court system, the Rule of Law and our Constitution are all under attack. Human rights are under attack. Voting rights are under attack. Social programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are under attack. The environment is under attack. The independent free press is under attack. Even the U.S. Postal Service is under attack. So are school boards.

Facts and truth are under attack.

Meanwhile, Democrats have stumbled for decades with ineffective and often just stupid messaging, while extreme Republicans have consistently moved and mobilized their base to vote (and attack) with insidious, racist-tinged, fear-based messages to effect minority rule. They attempted mob rule in attacking the U.S. Congress, and they are attacking our election system. Our Vice President was under attack, and would have been hanged had they had the opportunity.

And so, an angry and unhinged minority is now a malevolent presence at every level of power and influence in our American society, attacking and waging a culture war against the majority of Americans and our governmental and social institutions.

Thankfully, Democrats finally appear willing to fully expose the reality of MAGA Republican thinking and call it what us is: fascism.

This then is the defining message for the midterms. It’s clear, it’s concise, and it’s convincing, because it is the truth.




Arthur Hargate

Arthur Hargate is retired after a 40-year management career in the environmental services business. He now writes, plays guitar and is a social activist.