Fired up? Ready to go?

Arthur Hargate
2 min readJan 7, 2021

I’m about half way through former President Obama’s very fine book, and this rallying cry from his election campaign has become kind of an ear-worm for me. Stuff happens, and my brain keeps coming back to it. It gets me even more energized. I just want to do more to help change happen.

Biden and Harris win. Fired up? Ready to go? Our federal government botches the COVID vaccine rollout. Fired up? Ready to go? Ossoff and Warnock win in Georgia. Fired up? Ready to go? Republican seditionists object to the Electoral College count. Fired up? Ready to go?

Then Trumpist terrorist traitors violently storm the U.S. Capitol Building trying to overthrow our democracy. Baby, I’m really fired up and ready to go now, I’ll tell ya. The attempted coup by Trump and his zombie cult has been put down for now, but these idiots are not going away by a long shot. Two more weeks of this monster in office is just too risky. He must be impeached, convicted and removed from office now.

What happened yesterday was the logical outcome of 50 years of an increasingly fascist, inherently racist Republican political trajectory and four years of a megalomaniacal totalitarian thug as President. And I don’t give a hoot that 74 million idiots in America voted for him. Their personal moral and ethical systems are breathtakingly deficient and they have selfishly put our country at risk.

We got an up close and personal view of Donald Trump’s America yesterday, and if that doesn’t get you fired up and ready to go, nothing will. Fired up to go where? To a place this country needs to be where these things mean something again:

Honesty, integrity, humility, intelligence, science, service, facts, truth, non-violent social change, helping others, forgiveness, democracy, unity, social consciousness, benevolence, optimism, fair play, inclusivity, freedom, equity, equality, cooperation, togetherness, caring for one another, passion, the arts, education, opportunity, diligence, clarity, lawfulness, wisdom, love, the free press, compassion, sharing, tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity, acceptance, charity, forbearance, healthfulness, nature, respect, expertise, rationality, civility, restraint…

I could go on, but you get the picture. I’m fired up and ready to go to a very different place, and so are a lot of Americans.

Thankfully, we can now begin the journey there January 20.

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Arthur Hargate

Arthur Hargate is retired after a 40-year management career in the environmental services business. He now writes, plays guitar and is a social activist.